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Rocker Ozzy Osbourne tells his story of excess, addiction and recovery in a new autobiography that proves it’s never too late to get help. He’s a living miracle. The former Black Sabbath frontman, solo rocker, reality star and father to Jack and Kelly really shouldn’t still be alive, according to Ozzy Osbourne’s long awaited autobiography, I Am Ozzy .

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Osbourne experienced tremors for some years and linked them to his continuous drug abuse. In May 2005, he found out it was actually Parkin syndrome , a genetic condition, the symptoms of which are similar to Parkinson’s disease .

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Ozzy Osbourne—the singer of Black Sabbath from 1968 to 1979, as well as his own solo material beyond—is an enigma of sorts. A living heavy metal legend who influenced millions of people with his music, Ozzy has always been known for his rock-and-roll way of life.

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Suluguic writes that the band’s quick rise to stardom with such hits as “Paranoid” and “Iron Man” propelled Osbourne into drug and alcohol abuse that lead to infidelity, neglectful parenting, abusive episodes with two wives, and a few near-death experiences over four decades.

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Ozzy Osbourne Osbourne has battled his addictions to drugs for many years. When he was an adolescent, he started experimenting with drugs.

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Ozzy Osbourne Talks AA Meetings, Getting Sober Written by McCarton Ackerman | created on 14 July 2014 | modified on 10 August 2016 After decades of struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, rocker Ozzy Osbourne has been sober for well over a year and is doing everything he can to stay that way.

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Ozzy and his former BFF, a coke spoon. Let’s face it, Ozzy Osbourne, the former and now again lead vocalist of Black Sabbath, leader of the Blizzard of Oz, author and one of reality television’s first stars, is a survivor. For over forty years, Osbourne has battled drug and alcohol addiction.

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That incident, said Osbourne’s manager-wife Sharon, was the last straw; she claimed that Ozzy’s doctor was overprescribing him a host of powerful antipsychotic and tranquilizing drugs, which contributed to …

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During those years Osbourne was probably at the height of his drug abuse, often losing contact with reality. Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne on stage at Kooyong Stadium …

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Ozzy Rules: in a Rock World Dominated by Bad Boys, Ozzy Osbourne Stood out. The Daily Mail, 2005, November 19: 16. Newspaper article provides information about Osbourne’s problems with drug and alcohol considering that now he has been cured.

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Osbourne himself has expressed confusion that he’s managed to survive 40 years of constant drug abuse, and scientists even examined his blood to understand how he endured it all without dying. 1.