November console sales show Sony widen its user base while Microsoft rakes in the cash

November console sales show Sony widen its user base while

November console sales show Sony widen its user base while Microsoft rakes in the cash Microsoft to play catchup by bundling PUBG with the Xbox One …

Sony accidentally leaked November’s PS Plus free games

However, in what can only be described as an “oops” on Sony’s part, this morning it briefly posted a graphic showing Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition and Yakuza Kiwami as the games for November.

Analysis: Sony continues to widen its console sales lead

Not really. The less well the x1 does, the harder it is to justify investment in the console space for Microsoft. It’s important to remember that while Playstation is key to Sony, the X1 is very little of Microsoft. Even during the x360 era, many investors wanted the division closed.

Sony continues to widen its console sales lead over Microsoft

Ars Technica’s latest analysis of the worldwide game console market will look largely familiar to anyone who has been following our previous reports. Sony continues to slowly increase its majority share, while Microsoft holds relatively steady and the Wii U slides quickly into market obscurity.

Analysis: Sony continues to widen its console sales lead

Nov 02, 2015 · Depending on the genre some developers are already moving away from Xbox One. Square Enix for example started this generation strong for JRPG support on Xbox One, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was

Time: Looks Like Nobody Is Winning This Console War | N4G

Data from Terapeak shows PS4 sales through auction site were 78 percent higher than Xbox One during respective launch weeks. That equals greater demand And the scarcity of the console. PS4 sold out at launch and faster ThAt xBoned. It took PS4 selling out and 18 days for xBoned to sell less than PS4.

PS4 sales officially pass 30 million | Ars Technica

Sony, as of November 22, has now sold 30.2 million units of the PlayStation 4. By comparison, total sales of the Xbox One are somewhere between 15 and 18 million (Microsoft hasn’t released an

No VR or AR announced during Microsofts E3 Conference • r/PSVR

Specs don’t sell consoles, games do, and while the better hardware might mean better games in the future, that future is a year or three away, especially with the small X user base. And by that time, it looks like MS will be even further behind.

Top responsesRedditYes I agree, even if they make a «better VR» with their «better» Xbox One X, I’d be happy. Doubling the playerbase could have been sweet for the amount and … read more70 votesafter playing PSVR for the first time, the first thing that popped in my head was playing Halo: Combat Evolved in VR (I use the first Halo because of current … read more8 votesI thought for sure that Microsoft would have announced VR with Oculus at E3. I wonder what their stance is on VR now? Anyone remember the Hololense … read more8 votesMicrosoft have had a huge problem supporting their current gen console with games, they can’t support an other device as well.18 votesI was really expecting some kind of partnership with Oculus at some point, but I think those boats have passed :(5 votesCould sound like a crazy conspiracy theory, but I’ll throw it out there I think the HoloLens and any/all other AR or VR talk by Microsoft was just their «Tab Clear» … read more10 votesSee all

Sony to launch aggressive marketing campaign for PS3 and

Its Sony. Its the ps3. It markets itself. Instead of blowing (how many million) dollars on an ad campaign, they should just lower the cost of the system. Money will be spent either way, and besides, its a GAME machine first, and a Blu-ray player second.

Opinion – Sony needs to release PS5 in 2019 | Page 3

May 23, 2018 · It is a stop gap and a guarantee that enthusiasts won’t jump ship. At the end of the day Sony only cares about total hardware sales in order to keep software sales up so it doesn’t matter if the Slim sells more or not. Also people might not want a new console now …

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While the Dreamcast would have none of EA’s popular sports games, «Sega Sports» games developed mainly by Visual Concepts helped to fill that void. The Dreamcast launched in North America on September 9, 1999 at a price of $199—which Sega’s marketing dubbed «9/9/99 for $199».

Release date: JP: November 27, 1998, NA: September 9, 1999, EU: October 14, 1999, AU: November 30, 1999

Post Xbox One Two Scorpio, what should Sony do next

Jul 04, 2016 · A console launch that is a generation reset needs to sell extremely quickly to reach a critical mass, the entire industry depends on it, because it needs a user base to justify the game development cost.

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The company consolidated 16 different legacy IT systems into one on AWS. By using AWS, it was able to launch a new version of Versy with just 12 people—instead of the 120 it would have required in the past—while growing its customer user base nearly five-fold in one year.

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It was 10 years ago today that Microsoft released its first video game console in its home territory of the United States. It quickly sold out, but its future was far from assured. Xbox would not