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The Model 1861 Rifle Musket was the standard issue infantry arm used throughout the Civil War. A soldier attached an infantry cap badge to the stock of this particular rifle. Originally made by the Springfield Armory, the U.S. government contracted with twenty private firms to meet the war time demand for rifles.

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U.S. Model 1861 Rifle Musket, c. 1863, .58 caliber, walnut stock with the numbers «47/50/58» stamped on the left side and behind the barrel tang, lock marked «1863» and «WM. MUIR & CO./WINDSOR LOCKS, CT.,» top of the breech dated «1863» with proof marks on the left side, barrel lg. …

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Used by: United States, Confederate States of America

U.S. Model 1861 Contract Musket by Parkers’ Snow & Co

Model 1861 U.S. Percussion Rifle-Musket by Parkers’ Snow & Co., Meriden, Connecticut Dated 1863. This rifle being Dated 1863 is believed to be the product of James Mulholland Contract of 1861 of which only 5,502 were delivered.


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U.S. Springfield Model 1861 Percussion Rifle Musket

The Model 1795 muskets were the first standardized U.S. martial arms to be produced and were patterned after the French Model 1763 Charleville musket. Harpers Ferry Armory also produced a Model 1795 musket, but these were distinctly different from those manufactured at Springfield.

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Model 1861 U.S. Percussion Rifle-Musket and Bayonet, c. 1863, walnut stock with a cartouche on the left side, steel fittings, lock marked with an eagle and U.S./TRENTON, barrel dated 1863, and marked VP/N.J., bayonet marked US/F, barrel lg. 40, overall lg. 55 1/2 in.


This original Model 1861 U.S. rifle-musket is in good condition overall. Made by the Springfield Armory, circa 1861-1862, a total of over 265,000 units were produced in those years. The barrel has a semi-bright surface with light to moderate mottling and shows signs of cleaning and light pinprick pitting.

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Some 700,000 Model 1861 rifled muskets were produced and the type served as the standard musket of the entire war. The Springfield musket was a muzzle-loading .58 caliber weapon, muzzle-loading in that the propellant and the round (a .58 caliber «Minie Ball» shot) was entered via the muzzle end of the barrel and rammed down by way of a ramrod.

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The U.S. Model 1861 Springfield rifle musket was the primary infantry weapon of Federal Forces at the start of the Civil War. It was a .58 caliber rifled muzzleloader that closely resembled the British Enfield Pattern 1853 Rifle.

(A) U.S. Model 1861 Rifle Musket by Mason.

William Mason manufactured about 30,000 of these Model 1861 rifle muskets between 1863 and 1864 for the government during the Civil War. Round rifled barrel with bayonet lug/front sight mounted on top near muzzle and two leaf rear sight.

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U.S. Model 1861 Contract Whitney Rifle (AL4417) $1,795.00. U.S. Model 1861 Contract Whitney Rifle. U.S. model 1861 contact rifle made by Whitney in 1864. Metal has been cleaned long ago and has a light gray patina, with some minor pitting by rear sight. Wood is very good with an age

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The Model 1861 Springfield was used heavily by the Union Army throughout the Civil War, just behind the Enfield and US Model 1842, it was also the 3rd most common weapon used to arm the Confederacy.