‘Interstellar’: Biggest IMAX Screens To Watch

‘Interstellar’: Biggest IMAX Screens To Watch – Business

Now that I’ve seen the movie twice, in 70mm IMAX and 70mm film, it became instantly clear Nolan’s sci-fi film should be seen on the biggest screen possible.

If I don’t see Interstellar again in IMAX at some point in

Alas, the film may never return to IMAX theaters, but I will keep careful watch. I think Interstellar effectively tells an amazing adventure that is at once epic and personal. Literally a universe-spanning tale, but also fundamentally about a connection between a father and daughter.

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Even a digital IMAX screen will not be able to present all the detail that has been captured (or rendered). This is in contrast to other recent IMAX releases «printed» in 4K, for which you get full resolution in a digital IMAX screen and in 70 mm film IMAX you will simply see a «blown up» version of the same print.

Top responsesRedditShould I breathe oxygen?65 votesI’m driving four hours just to see it in film IMAX. I really hope it’s worth it20 votesNone of these comments are properly stressing the reason it’s important to see this movie in 70 mm IMAX: a lot of footage was shot in 70 mm IMAX (and … read more19 voteswhy wouldn’t you? I cant imagine seeing this movie in anything but IMAX.15 votesWife and I live in Dallas. We are flying down and back in one day to Austin to watch the film in 70mm IMAX. That’s how much it is worth it, not to mention it … read more9 votesI intend to watch is both ways. Simply because I would like to see the differences but I also understand that finances are a talking point so find the biggest … read more3 votesSee all

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Nov 13, 2014 · The first time i saw this at a regal theater the screen wasn’t that big. AMC’s screen dwarfed it by a large amount. You guys have to make sure you’re seeing it in a real IMAX. Or the biggest one. Even the fake ones are showing Intersteller in 70mm. Seeing it on a proper IMAX screen is something else. Even the 35mm scenes looked good at that size.

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In an interview with Collider, IMAX Entertainment President Greg Foster confirmed that Interstellar will still show on film on 50 IMAX screens this November.

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Since 1994, as far as movie theaters go, the IMAX at Lincoln Center in New York City is the best there is.

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As big as Imax, to be precise. In his talk to the massed ranks at CinemaCon, Christopher Nolan was wary not to give anything away about his November release Interstellar.

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IMAX® The digital IMAX presentation has been created from 6 and 8k scans of the original film elements, graded specifically for the high contrast IMAX dual-projection system. When presented on digital IMAX, the sequences shot on IMAX will fill the IMAX screens from top to bottom and switch from 2.40:1 to an aspect ratio of up to 1.9:1.