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Type: Decoration Min. Level: 70 Only usable by main character. Effect: Attack Power increases by 15% in normal battle (Mercenaries included) Effect: Attack Power increases by 15% in …

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Empire Sword [The Captain of Velder Knights, leading the mass with great strength and charisma] The Sword of Velder, and the symbol of knighthood, she is the hero of the people, overwhelming her enemies with just her presence.

Code of Chivalry · Knight’s Demeanor · Protector of The Empire

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Diabolic Crest: 1: Diabolic Sword Emperor Symbol: 1: Shaolin Crest: 1: Symbol of Shaolin Arhat: 1: Shadow Crest: 1: Symbol of Shadow Leader: 1: Character Level Up Ticket (Mercenary Only) 1: Extra Inventory License (Perm.) 1: Jeon Woo-chi Book Box [I] 1: Jeon Woo-chi Book Box [II] 1: Multi-Hued Soul Crystal: 75: Search Song-i License (30 Days) 1

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Knight Emperor’s path is the only path to retain their original job name for the entire line. ( Knight , Sword Knight , Lord Knight , and Knight Emperor) (excluding Eve ) Alternative Names

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Apr 25, 2017 · Atlantica Online Ancient Minotaur Wings Box Opening FoXZer0. Diabolic Crest Diabolic Sword Emperor Symbol Shaolin Crest Symbol of Shaolin Arhat Shadow Crest Symbol of …

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It increases the power of active skills. Let’s say Dark Legacy is 20; if you have a Charm that gives 15 and your Jupiter Sword gives 43, then your total Magic for Dark Legacy will be 78. Other Magic Bonuses can add to that, such as necklaces, some rings, many bracelets, etc. It’s the exact same as having a …

Goujian: The Ancient Chinese Sword that Defied Time

Sword of Goujian, Hubei Provincial Museum ( Wikimedia Commons ) Jian swords . The Sword of Goujian is one of the earliest known Jian swords, a double-edged straight sword used during the last 2,500 years in China. Jian swords are among the earliest sword types in China and are closely associated with Chinese mythology.