Burning to death or drowning…Which is worse?

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Jun 08, 2009 · what’s worse?burning alive?or freezing to death. drowning is quick. punkpunker. i’d take freeze to death, who knows that i might survive Freezing sounds like a …

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May 15, 2017 · Burning triggers pain-recepting nerves thoroughly and for the entire duration of the death, while still causing an unquenchable urge to breathe due to smoke inhalation. Therefore, generally speaking, burning constitutes a more painful death than drowning.

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which is worse: death by drowning or burning alive

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May 06, 2009 · I imagine burning to death is the worse of the two, even if drowning is pretty awful already. Drowning in a tub vs drowning in a body of water a la a lake or the sea; big difference.

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Both are terrifying, but I think I would far prefer drowning to burning. In either scenario you will be panicking and desperate. But burning seems to be so much more excruciating and violent.

Top responsesRedditWouldn’t you suffocate while burning? Drowning is better. Water2 votesBoth.2 votesBurning. inb4 Spanish Inquisition1 voteSee all

What is more painful burning to death or drowning?

A person who is burning will suffer from smoke inhalation as well as burning of the body; smoke inhalation within a burning building will probably cause the person to asphyxiate, but the process will take several minutes rather than the «seconds» for drowning.

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Mar 02, 2008 · What is worse death by burning or death by drowning? Whats worse? Burning to death, eaten by sharks, or drowning.? More questions. What would be worst. Burning to death, or drowning to death? DEATH ITSELF IS HORRIBLE BUT WHICH IS WORSE, DROWNING or BEING BURNED ? Answer Questions.

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Oct 04, 2009 · Burning,because of the complication you may get and even suffering from psychologically pain inspite of physical,patient may get multisystem organ failure and ending with die,while drowning just will die once within minutes especially if there is no typical first aid at that area.

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This got us to thinking: Is there a worst way to die? As it turns out, determining which mode of death is the worst way to go is subjective. There are impromptu polls on sites around the Internet (burning has a …