Bruce Levenson’s Racist E-Mail Emerged After Investigation

Bruce Levenson’s Racist E-Mail Emerged After Investigation

Bruce Levenson’s comments only came to light when law firm investigated other racist comments allegedly made by the team.

Hawks Owner’s ‘Self-Reported’ Racist E-Mail Only Emerged

Sep 09, 2014 · When Adam Silver announced that Bruce Levenson was selling the Atlanta Hawks for sending a racist email, the NBA commissioner commended the owner for «self-reporting» the email …

Hawks Owner’s ‘Self-Reported’ Racist Email Only Emerged

It was at that point that the racist email was discovered. That email was then forwarded to the NBA. Two months after the NBA began an investigation into the email sent by Levenson, he decided to

Bruce Levenson will sell Atlanta Hawks after releasing

Sep 07, 2014 · Watch video · Atlanta Hawks controlling owner Bruce Levenson has self-reported to the NBA that he sent a racist e-mail in August 2012 and will sell his interest in the team. Levenson reported the e-mail to the

Atlanta Hawks owner selling after racist e-mail – Chicago

Sep 07, 2014 · Levenson announced he’s selling the team after sending what he termed as racist e-mails, including saying the team scared off white fans by playing too much hip-hop at home games.

Bruce Levenson to sell Atlanta Hawks over racist e-mail

Bruce Levenson to Sell Atlanta Hawks Over Racist E-mail . Move comes after Levenson, a noted philanthropist who has donated to organizations including Birthright Israel, wrote an ‘inappropriate and offensive’ email concerning African American spectators.

Yes, Bruce Levenson’s Racist Email Was Racist – Deadspin

By now you’re aware that Bruce Levenson, controlling owner of the Atlanta Hawks, is selling his stake in the team, at least in part because of fallout from an email he sent to other members of

Details on Bruce Levenson’s Selling of the Atlanta Hawks

Details on the selling of the Atlanta Hawks have emerged. as majority owner Bruce Levenson has agreed to sell the team after a racist email the NBA commenced an independent investigation

Beyond Bruce Levenson | The New Yorker

The e-mail had emerged after another of the team’s owners called for the termination of Danny Ferry, the general manager, who, on a conference call, referred to Luol Deng, a free agent, as

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Bruce Levenson’s Email Wasn’t Racist

The only problem is that Atlanta Hawks controlling owner Bruce Levenson is no Donald Sterling. Nor is his email racist . In fact, his worst crime is misguided white guilt.

Exactly How Racist Was Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson

For me, though, the most interesting sports-related item was the news that Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson would be selling his share of the team after a racially insensitive email …