Urban Dictionary: Ginny Weasley

Urban Dictionary: Ginny Weasley

A character from the very popular book series «Harry Potter» by J.K. Rowling. Her full name is Ginevra Molly Weasley, she was born August 11, 1981 and is the youngest of seven childen.Ginny is the first Weasley girl in several generations, She has 6 older brothers: …

Urban Dictionary: Ginny

A likable female that is caring and kind hearted with a goofy streak only her friends really understand. Often thought to be quiet and slightly reserved but really quite the opposite.

Urban Dictionary: Ginny Weasly

The hottest girl in «Harry Potter». She is very much the girl next door, though has a temper & a libido (typical of redheads), but is not a slut.

Urban Dictionary: Ginny

The word «Ginny» is a mysterious grundle girl who lives in caves and sniffs the grundles of passer bys.She has long frazzled black hair of an asian woman, and she looks like a …

Urban Dictionary: ginny pig

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What does Fred Weasley mean in Urban Dictionary?

Awesome character in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter show. He could be the twin of George Weasley, therefore the cousin of Bill, Charlie, Percy, Ron, and Ginny Weasley.

What does Molly Weasley mean in Urban Dictionary?

October 31, 2018 Urban Dictionary Link to this page she’s the caretaker of Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley and all one other weasley boys within the Harry Potter sets.Molly is married with Arthur Weasley and likes knitting «Weasley jumpers» for her household.

What does George Weasley mean in Urban Dictionary?

The sexiest character into the Harry Potter publications. He’s a great prankster and Quiddich player. He is in Gryffiondor, together with his brothers Bill, Charlie, Percy, fred, and Ron, and cousin Ginny.

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ginny: Urban Dictionary [home, info] Quick definitions from WordNet (Ginny) Phrases that include GINNY: ginny carriage, ginevra ginny molly weasley, ginny baier, ginny blackmore, ginny bumping, more Words similar to GINNY: gin, more Search for GINNY on Google or Wikipedia Search completed in 0.016 seconds.

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Nov 27, 2014 · Ginny is the first Weasley girl in several generations, She has 6 older brothers: Ron, Fred and George, Percy, Charlie and Bill. She played seeker for the Gryffindor quidditch team in her fourth

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What does Lily Luna Potter mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does Lily Luna Potter mean in Urban Dictionary? October 29, 2018 Urban Dictionary. Link to this page. Lily Luna Potter is Harry Potter and Ginny (nee Weasley) Potter’s youngest son or daughter and only child. She’s 2 yrs more youthful than her brother Albus. She is the only woman born in the Potter amount of time in a number of generations.

What does Luna Lovegood mean in Urban Dictionary?

A Ravenclaw woman in Ginny Weasley’s 12 months. She is referred to as having straggly, waist-length dirty blonde hair and protuberant eyes, which give the girl a permanently surprised appearance.

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Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter; Ginny Weasley is my favourite character from Harry Potter. Book Ginny, not movie Ginny. The movies did her a great injustice and turned an awesome, sassy, powerful character into a girl obsessed with shoelaces. I’ll let you know …

What does Snapes On A Plane mean in Urban Dictionary?

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