The Learning Zone: Animal I.D.

The Learning Zone: Animal I.D. Games

Animal I.D. Games! Plants, animals, fungi, and other creatures can be sorted into different kingoms or groups. Have a go identifying how organisms are grouped in Kingdom ID or Animal ID, or have a bit of fun recognising shapes in Shadow ID. Click on the icons below to begin.

The Learning Zone: Animal I.D. –

Animal I.D. There are millions of types of living things in the world – we can only estimate how many plants, animals and other creatures are alive today. To help us understand this number of different of life-forms, we organise them into groups, like ‘the animals’ or ‘the plants’.

The Learning Zone: Animal I.D. Games

Play again with a new set of animals Choose a different game. Having problems? Maybe you should go back and study Animal I.D.

The Learning Zone: Animal I.D. –

Annelids. Fact file. Proper name: Phylum Annelida (ann-el-ee-dah) Examples: Earthworms, leeches and bristleworms. Numbers of species: About 19,000 Where they are found: In the oceans, in freshwater and on land. Description: Annelids are worms with segmented bodies. Earthworms and leeches have smooth bodies and live on land or in freshwater.

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Animal Learning Zone. February 20, 2014 ยท Have you seen the museum exhibit where plasticized human bodies were used to teach anatomy lessons. Now there is one available that uses domestic and wild animals

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Animals: Examples of euphotic zone animals include most ocean fish (including sharks and rays), man-o’-war, jellyfish, sea turtles, seals, coral, and zooplankton. Some bottom-dwellers live in the euphotic zone – this zone is defined in terms of light, not depth. Some of the animals in this zone have countershading.

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