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2017-18 Volkl Mantra 184 cm Skis with Warden 13 Bindings – USED – Gold See more like this BRAND NEW! 2019 VOLKL MANTRA M5 SKIS w/’17 TYROLIA ATTACK 13 BINDINGS SAVE 30% Brand New

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The Volkl Mantra is one of the rare skis that’s been making waves for over a decade. Here, you can see how the graphics and shapes have evolved over the years, starting with the first ever 2005 Volkl Mantra on the far left, right up to last year’s 2017 Volkl Mantra on the right.

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Feb 07, 2007 · I just picked up a pair of 184 Mantras. I have ridden them 4 times and am questioning the binding position. They seem to dive in powder and the tails get hung up in the bumps. I came of a pair of Stockli Stormrider DP’s – 186, also have a pair of Stormrider AT -184. I had the bindings on the Mantras mounted on the centerline but noticed the are about an inch forward compared to both pairs

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One Mantra will follow in the Katana’s footsteps, integrated with Volkl’s strong/light V-Werks tech and labeled the Mantra V-Werks. At 99mm underfoot, it maintains the Mantras waist width, but the ski is much lighter than the old Mantra, and the full-rocker profile is gone.

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I’m an east coast skier (Sugarloafer) and the proud owner of the 12-13 Mantra (bindings at -2cm from volkl center) in 177 and the 12-13 Katana (non V-Werks) in 184. I consider my self a very aggressive skier (e.g. steep edge angles, dynamic, etc.).

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I am selling my 2008 Volkl Mantra skis (184 cm) with Marker M 14.0 Free Wide Brake Ski Bindings because I no longer live near mountains or have the time to ski. There are some scratches and nicks on the top sheets. The bottoms only have one light scratch …

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Nye M5 Mantra er den femte generasjonen Mantra, og er den beste versjonen noen sinne. Den har supert kantgrep, og sitter godt på alle fører.

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The Völkl M5 Mantra ski is for soft and mixed snow conditions, and West coast skiing. Ski Review for 2018/19.


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The iconic Mantra was the first ski of its kind to master everything from powder to ice with ease – introducing the next all mountain benchmark, the M5 Mantra. The key innovation on the 5th generation Mantra is a new way of arranging the metal layers called Titanal Frame: the metal sections follow the ski shape in the tip and tail, with an added carbon inlay in the tip.

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Until the 14/15 season the flagship Volkl had gone pretty much unchanged. In 2015 the Mantra got a full rocker construction and a little more width underfoot measuring in at 100mm,the M5 is the biggest Mantra overhaul yet — in a good way, good to see you again camber.

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The Volkl Mantra remains a favorite ski for aggressive skiers looking for power and stability on and off the groomers. Full Titanal Layers and a 100mm waist mean that there is no speed limit or type of condition that the Mantra does not shine in. Fre