Tophaceous Gout of the Middle Ear : Otology

Tophaceous Gout of the Middle Ear : Otology & Neurotology

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Whereas tophaceous gout of the calvarium[21], infratemporal fossa[22], middle ear[22, 23], and cervicomedullary junction with involvement of lower cranial nerves[24]have been reported in the past

Eliminating Obscurities: Gouty Tophi In The Ear

Nonetheless, your middle ear have auditory ossicles; the three small bones called malleus, incus and stapes (hammer, anvil and stirrup). These bones are connected by synovial joints. There are extremely rare cases of gouty tophi formation in this area.

Gout of the Ear – it’s virtually certain sign of chronic gout.

Gout of the ear eventually means tophi deposits, if treatment is unsuccessful. Tophi’s favourite (favorite) spot is on the curved outer ridge – the helix. Tophi display like an array of tiny whitish pearls on the edge of the helix or under its fold – five or more is possible, but there’ll probably be fewer than five.

An Unusual Presentation of Gout: Tophi in the Middle Ear

The patient was administered a serum urate-lowering therapy, given a low purine diet, and followed with the diagnosis of tophaceous gout. Unusual localizations of gouty tophi have been reported in the literature. Gouty tophi should also be considered in the differential diagnosis of middle ear masses alongside common pathologies.


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bone, and middle ear [4-9]. Such involvement can be disabling and can impair the quality of life. Only three cases of tophaceous gout of the middle ear have been reported to date [4-6]. In this report, we describe the case of patient who had complaints of hearing loss …

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Surgical removal of gouty tophi is generally indicated when the lesions grow and cause symptoms or lead to cosmetic problems.

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Published in: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews · 2014Authors: Melonie K Sriranganathan · Ophir Vinik · Claire Bombardier · Christopher J EdwardsAffiliation: University Hospital Southampton Nhs Foundation Trust · University of Toronto

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Tophi a scarring process of the middle ear from otitis media that involves deposition of hyaline and calcium and phosphate crystals in the eardrum and middle ear. When severe it may entrap the ossicles and cause conductive hearing loss.

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He underwent middle ear inspection of the left ear. During surgery, a crumbling mass immediately presented itself after opening the middle ear. A biopsy was taken from the site of the pars flaccida on the locus of the processus brevis of the malleus.

Ear Reconstruction: Pathology of the Ear

Clinical Course: Over time, frequent attacks of acute gout can lead to chronic tophaceous gout. Chronic tophaceous gout usually presents on average ∼10 years after the initial onset of gout. Chronic tophaceous gout usually presents on average ∼10 years after the initial onset of gout.