Let’s Redesign Destiny 2’s Boring Token-Based Loot System

Let’s Redesign Destiny 2’s Boring Token-Based Loot System

Oct 15, 2017 · Tokens are in effect Destiny 2’s version of the Auction House, at least in terms of how they’re making the presentation of loot totally unexciting. The system makes sense , I guess.

Let’s cut to the chase: The loot in Destiny 2 is boring

Destiny 2 completely fails at #1 with the majority of loot. Guns are a little better off, and that’s good, since this is a shooter. But even then, it feels like Bungie played it way too safe.

Top responsesRedditI agree. Have most every weapon/armor set in the game on one of my characters. Nothing stands out, and the duplicates get sharded because why would I … read more6 votesI haven’t gotten much armor that feels different, I’ll be quite honest. I just got all 3 classes to 290 around and I feel like it’s been grinding for all exotics … read more5 votesagreed – there are like 4 sets of armor and 10 guns and they’re all the same9 votesI agree, but disagree with your reason of why it is boring if that makes sense. I think the end game loot and exotics should be buffed a little, but I think the main … read more4 votesLet’s cut to the chase: Your post is boring and underwhelming.23 votesSomething to always keep in mind in Destiny is that the life span of all of this loot is fairly short. After awhile you realize that what matters most is having … read more2 votesSee all

40 reasons why Destiny 2 is boring : DestinyTheGame

Maybe not actual launch week, but there’s no excuse for at least not planning to activate them maybe a week after launch. Especially when actually getting to the required power level to do them doesn’t take very long even if you’re a casual gamer (which is clearly Bungie’s target audience with Destiny 2).

Top responsesRedditYou put Heroic Strikes twice and they’re coming in the DLC 3 – yes you can, through Ikora 15 – Was an event, it will return eventually 20 – Also … read more10 votes1) there are som kiosks, just not enough 3) you never visited ikora, did you? 8) coming 22) are now challenges, which is way better imho. 33) shaders are … read more2 votes1- Collection kiosks are literally in the vault. The only thing that isn’t there anymore is shaders because microtransactions.1 voteDon’t play it then0 votesSee all

The Problem With Destiny 2’s Loot And Weapons, Explained

Nov 28, 2017 · I have heard the arguments that fixed rolls are the biggest problem with Destiny 2 loot, but ultimately I agree with Slayarage that the new loadout system is probably the bigger issue.

Destiny 2’s Token System Is Unrewarding In The End Game

This is not a bad concept but the fact is, it takes a lot of Tokens to get a single Engram, which rewards a solitary piece of loot. If we use the first Destiny 2 Iron Banner as an example, players had to grind for hours to get a couple Engrams, each of which dropped one single piece of Iron Banner loot and some standard Crucible loot if you were ‘lucky’. It didn’t even prevent duplicate items, which players, …

Destiny 2’s Token System is a Major Step Backwards – Game Rant

Since Destiny 2’s launch we have had mixed feelings about the Token system. At first, it seemed like a new facet of the loot grind that would help players gain even more rewards and specialize

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There’s no option to save a Loadout so you can switch to it later, which feels like a must in a loot driven game like Destiny 2. » Destiny 2 can be best summed up as more Destiny content for the

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Destiny 2 Dance Party Key and the Loot-a-Palooza Key are two of the game’s more mysterious items. Mentioned as part of a pre-release leak but no where… Find this Pin and more on Destiny 2 News & Cheese by Da Harbinger. Destiny 2 Dance Party Key and the Loot-a-Palooza Key are two of the game’s more mysterious items.

Destiny 2 players are running out of things to – Polygon

The first Destiny was a grind, and it was often boring. Bungie started to roll back the grind by the time the Dark Below expansion released.


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Let’s Redesign Destiny 2’s Boring Token-Based Loot System 10/15/2017 · I think I’m a part of the first generation of journalists to skip print media entirely, and I’ve learned a lot these last few years at Forbes.

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It’s important to note that due to the sheer number of tokens this technique allows you to farm, it’s possible it’ll be patched or nerfed in the coming weeks, so take advantage of it while you can, but don’t be surprised if you see it go the way of the loot cave from the original Destiny.

The grind is BS – Destiny 2 Message Board for PlayStation

It’s how loot driven games are. And I’m not talking about dungeons or raids or anything. This is a reputation grind. Other games with similar grinds are the same way. You grind them the quickest IF YOU CHOOSE TO which is usually not fun, or you just casually do it and not think about it. That’s what you guys are really not understanding.

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Destiny 2’s long, slow crawl toward its possible (hopeful?) redemption is underway. Let’s step back and go over the events of the last six months. Let’s step back and go over the events of the