Go ahead, shame my body

Go ahead, shame my body – New York Post

It looks like companies looking to sell beauty or fitness products in London are going to have to solve a tricky riddle: How do they tell the customers

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GO AHEAD, SHAME MY BODY, writes Karol Markowicz in the New York Post: “If an ad hurts your feelings, the most powerful message you can send isn’t signing a petition but choosing not to

There’s No Shame In Telling A Running Buddy To «Go On Ahead»

That way, your friend can maybe add on when you finish or even go ahead and loop back to meet you. Or they might decide to go off on their own. Either way, any quality running buddy will give some much needed encouragement, and that might be just what you need to push through the rest of the run.

You Can’t Slut Shame Me | Perspectives – kqed.org

So go ahead, play slut shame the teenager. Use my body against me. But know that it is not just my body. It is your daughter’s body. It is your sister’s body. It is every woman’s body. More importantly it is not your body, and therefore, none of your business.

My Body, My Shame – ReConnected Life

In my work with my clients, I help them let go of the shame they feel from having been raped. I feel no shame about the rape, although that took a lot of work over the years to really let go, and not just say I’d let go, which I’d said from the beginning.

Ashamed of My Body | Desiring God

I looked in the mirror and realized that my body was not perfect, not flawless, and not like it “should” be. I can remember feeling sick with shame. Becoming a teenager brings terrific joys, but it also brings many new difficulties. One of the most pervasive and crippling is body shame.

Mindfulness and Shame – Non-reactive acceptance.

Thank you for this post. I just want to express my gratitude for your blog. Ever since I’ve read one of your articles that talks about embracing shame, I’ve been learning to practice making space and open up to how shame sensations are manifested in my body.

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Hands down, the best way to fight body shame is with

Because shame itself isn’t an action — shame, itself, isn’t something that can be forced upon anyone. You see, shame is a feeling. Someone can try to make you feel shame, but they don’t have to

Go Ahead, Get Naked: 5 Health Benefits of Stripping Down

Go Ahead, Get Naked: 5 Health Benefits of Stripping Down. Traipsing around in the buff can help you get in touch with your body, reduce body shame and improve self-confidence and acceptance. Learning to love your body, even the parts that you may be self-conscious about, can help others love it, too.

Erasing Shame: Find Forgiveness for Sexual Sin – Boundless

How has this played out in your life? Go ahead; complete the sentence: Because I _____, I am _____. Here is what my friend Allison wrote about the shame from her past that plagued her marriage: My feelings of guilt and negativity were so powerful.

The Body Shame Game – theodysseyonline.com

My body was overweight, only enough that denied me from wearing the latest fashions. I was an outcast to my classmates. You could say I was the underdog in my situation.

Shutting Shame Down – Experience Life

The article, Shutting Shame Down, (October 2013) is one everybody should read! I am co-producing an new magazine, Emerge, exclusively on the Apple Newsstand. We would love this article to be part of our inaugural issue due out in October/November this year.