7th-gen iPod nano teardown reveals new Apple processor, SanDisk flash

7th-gen iPod nano teardown reveals new Apple processor

New Apple processor from seventh-generation iPod. Teardown of seventh-generation iPod nano by iFixit . But for some, the most compelling feature of the new nano may be its reduced price.

7th-gen iPod nano teardown reveals new Apple processor

A teardown of Apple’s seventh generation iPod nano, announced Tuesday, revealed a new Apple processor and a switch to SanDisk flash inside the diminutive music player, but few other internal changes from the previous model.

7th-gen iPod nano teardown reveals new Apple processor

Update on the fitness feature. It appears that the new features are only for the new Nano with updated internals. I do not have the «run» option in my Fitness menu unless I plug in the Nike+ receiver. The new Nano has this built in. So I guess it really is a «new» Nano, hardware-wise.

iPod nano teardown reveals new Apple chip and Sandisk flash

Oct 07, 2011 · A good litmus test for any so-called gadget lover is a propensity to ogle teardown photos. So, if the image above of a delicately splayed iPod nano by iFixit gives you pause, if it causes you to

iPod nano 7th gen teardown reveals supplier swap – SlashGear

Apple’s new iPod nano has undergone the teardown treatment, with the updated 7th generation PMP now revealed as having a quiet change in component suppliers.

iPod Nano 7th Generation Teardown – iFixit

The iPod Nano 7th Generation. The Nano is available in several colors, but we decided green was the way to go. Completely redesigned, the 7th Generation Nano takes after its …

Teardown of Apple’s 7th-gen iPod nano discovers Toshiba

Apple’s latest iPod nano has been pulled apart to reveal a number of anonymous, Apple-branded chips, though NAND flash from Toshiba and a Bluetooth chip with FM radio from Broadcom could be

iPod nano seventh-gen teardown shows jump to SanDisk flash

iPod nano 7G look shows new flash memory A new teardown of the seventh-generation iPod nano has uncovered more changes than the otherwise modest update would suggest. iFixit discovered that Apple has switched from its favorite flash memory suppliers, Samsung and Toshiba, to SanDisk.

The New iPod Nano’s Got a New Apple Processor – gizmodo.com

Just a few days after we first saw the new fitness-centric iPod Nano, iFixit has already exposed its guts. Turns out the new Nano didn't just get a UI upgrade—it got some new hardware too.

iPod Nano 4th Generation Teardown – iFixit

We’ll be working on finding a better way to get into this iPod, but for now we’d recommend keeping your new Nano in one piece. slide the insides out until the very lowest connector is …

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